Code & Libraries

This section contains links to specific coding examples of my work.

Traceability V2 Library

The Traceable Library is a C# implementation of the concepts outlined in my Traceability paper. It includes several sub components, including

  • Tracers for gathering trace data
  • Formatters for extracting and formatting the trace data
  • Automated Code Generation to ease implementing Traceability in a project
  • Trace Verify Unit Tests to verify that trace code is properly wrapping core logic code

Traceability Tutorial

The tutorial shows how to implement traceability into a code library. It demonstrates how to write code that provides:

  • Automated Factory Generation
  • Automated Trace Classes Generation
  • Automated Trace Factories Generation
  • Trace Regression unit testing
  • Trace Verify unit testing

Traceable Sorting

Traceable Sorting is an example implementation of the Traceable Library. It uses the library from the above Traceability Tutorial, and incorporates it into an console program that emulates the structure of a service. Its purpose is to demonstrate the following concepts:

  • Trace Control which demonstrates how to switch between standard mode and multiple tracing modes.
  • Formatters that demonstrate how to create formatters for extracting trace and formatting trace data/


A small library used to document code that heavily uses Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection.

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