I originally developed Traceability as a way to solve a specific problem. Even during my initial design work on it, I had the goal the of creating a more general solution that can be used by many people in different ways.

The reason I am sharing these ideas is that I want both developers and business personnel to be aware of them; once they know these ideas exist, they are able to ask for them as features in the services they need to run their businesses.

While several of the elements presented in this paper are simple in concept, their implementation will still take a significant amount of planning and work. Trying to add it into an existing service is not going to be a trivial amount of work. Personally I think it would be better to implement a new endpoint or micro-service with the Traceability built into from the start. Then the old services without Traceability would be phased out as they are replaced. This could be done as part of the natural maintenance / updating / refactoring work.

I hope you found this paper useful, and at the minimum gave, it gave you new ideas to explore and experiment with.

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